Hotel Manners

A comfortable hotel stay is not just about me.

Trent Armstrong
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Episode #44


A hotel is a mini-community. We don't usually seek out those around us (that might be a little creepy), but they are still there. Remember that excessive noise in the hallway and the room can usually be heard through the walls and will probably be disturbing to other guests, especially late at night. Also, children don't usually understand this concept so it's our job to let them know they need to control their volume as much as possible. Even moderately loud television volume or conversation might be audible in the next room. Listen around you when you get to your room to see what kind precautions you might take to improve the quality of someone else's stay.

And if someone else is being loud, you might knock on their door and let them know. "Hi," you might say. "I think the walls are very thin here, and I wanted to let you know I can hear much of your conversation.  Please feel free to step next door and let me know if I'm being too loud."

Kindness in that situation usually throws people off guard since the usual response is passive-aggressive loudness or an old-fashioned shouting match.

Room Sweet Room

Remember that a hotel room is not your private home and is usually expected to be used by someone else in the near future. Taking care with coffee makers, linens, and the furniture doesn't take a lot of effort and will cut down on the work the staff must do to prepare for the next guest. Also, many in-room trash cans do not have trash bags. In those cases, dental floss and other personal items should be sufficiently wrapped in toilet paper before going into the bin.  It's not really expected of us to make things easier on the staff like this, but simple things like this can brighten someone's day. That's important even if you're not around to see it. After all, manners are the way we show others they matter.

It's Not Easy Being Green

More and more lately we see reminders in hotel rooms of the toll washing all those towels has on our environment. By all means, make yourself comfortable during your hotel stay, but I would encourage you to follow the requests the hotel management makes regarding the use and re-use of towels.


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