Improper Parking

Modern Manners Guy sounds off on the rudeness of improper parking. Hey you, the guy who's parked his prized BMW diagonally across two spots, we're talking to you!

Richie Frieman
2-minute read

Improper Parking


Finding a good parking spot in a shopping center lot can be as tricky – and as rare – as finding buried treasure. The other day, Mrs. Modern Manners Guy and I rounded up a babysitter so we could enjoy a rare evening out. When we arrived at the restaurant, I dropped my wife off at the entrance so she wouldn't have to walk the 10 miles to the nearest spot. Granted, it was a Saturday night, so I didn’t expect to find a space right in front. But you know what else I didn’t expect? People who think their cars are so fancy and important that they need to take up two spots by parking diagonally. Needless to say, I was annoyed. I even tweeted about it during my long walk to the restaurant—and because it was so far, I even had the time to read some of your responses!

Here's the deal: If you think your car is too nice to bring into the public with the rest of us mere mortals, then leave it at home. In fact, if you're so worried about someone denting or scratching your car that you choose to take up two spots in a public space, you might actually cause the damage sooner because there’s no better way to tick off the wrong person. Now, I don't condone purposely damaging someone else's car, but I'm warning all you rude parkers that you're asking for it.

If you are so concerned with your car being hit and must take up two spots, then simply park as far away as possible from everyone else and walk to your destination. Why should the rest of us suffer from your arrogance? If your legs can’t handle the walk, you have no choice but to show some manners and park properly—in one spot. 

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