3 Halloween Stories That'll Make You Cringe

Not every Halloween is filled with treats. Here are some stories of improper Halloween behavior.

Richie Frieman
6-minute read
Episode #408

Another Halloween in the books and another round of emails from Mannerly Nation about things they witnessed during the spookiest day of the year. Turns out that for some of my readers, Halloween wasn’t filled to the brim with treats, but rather overflowing with rude tricks that left them trying to forget Halloween 2016 altogether.   

Now, I don’t want to ruin the punchline for you on these stories, but from the professional to the romantic, Halloween 2016 surely had some improper surprises. So, before you start planning for next year’s Halloween, let’s look some readers’ emails to laugh and learn together as a team, with these three stories that will make you cringe:

NOTE: As always your emails are personal and private. These stories are from people who asked to have their stories shared.  With that I always protect your/their privacy, and have changed their names and location.

#1: The Halloween Breakup

In my tenure as Modern Manners Guy, I’ve covered all kinds of break up stories that became worthy of The Unmannerly Hall of Fame. For example, we have The Holiday Breakup, where rude daters handed their partner walking papers on the night of a major holiday or right before.  As well, in an article called How Not to Break Up With Someone, I outlined basic do’s and don’ts on how to deliver heartbreaking news to your soon-to-be ex with grace and kindness in mind.  Well, apparently some people out there need a refresher course because they missed out on the finer details of how to properly end a relationship. For example, Sherri from New Orleans emailed me about how her now ex decided a friend’s Halloween party was the best time to drop the news that he was having an affair with an old college flame. Nice, right? Well, it gets worse. I know what you’re thinking: “How can being dumped at a party get worse?” Well, hang onto your witch’s hat here folks because not only did Sherri get dumped on a holiday (improper timing), at a party (improper setting) but the most embarrassing part was she came dressed as “The World’s Greatest Couple.” Yeesh!

Folks, bottom line, if you’re going to dump someone, don’t do it at a party! Sure, there are many high school and college kids in Mannerly Nation that tend to end relationships faster before a couple’s photo is done loading into SnapChat, but being in a mature relationship means timing is key. How bad could a relationship be that while at a party you are forced to end things? Come on people, just wait. It’s that easy.  Don’t pick the party as the time or place (no less) to deliver a blow to the gut that will leave your partner kneeling over in pain. Now, after two months of working on a costume that resembled a puffy cloud, with the words, “Love is in the air with this perfect couple,” sewn (yes, each letter) that they could both fit in. Their costume was now ruined. As planned they would stand in the “cloud” at the same time and “float” (walk) around the party together showing off their love … until Daniel broke up with her, about 25 minutes into the party and left her hanging there by herself. She would have taken it off but only had a tank top and yoga pants on. So, she spent the remainder of the night walking around couple less, in her “perfect couples” costume. Hearing, “Hey Sherri, where’s your boyfriend?” about 100 times throughout the night didn’t help either. Crappy timing, Daniel … crappy timing.

Tip #2: The Office Costume

Whenever I think of embarrassing corporate situations, I always think of the hit show, “The Office,” which was the single greatest display of unmannerly office culture. In fact, I think the show is so great, that every college kid should watch it before the graduate to understand what should NOT be done in the real world. Case in point: during the Halloween episodes which had improper (and hilarious) costumes, I was so disturbed that I vowed never to wear a costume to work, unless it was for a set Halloween party. With that, I never go “creative” but rather stick to the basics if and when I do dress up, so they don’t offend anyone. However, along with the fear of wearing even a “slightly” inappropriate costume, my biggest worry is always having to hold a meeting, or even worse, get reprimanded, while dressed as a Ghostbuster. Turns out, a similar uneasy feeling happened with Harry at his office. Low and behold, the one stinkin’ day he dresses up as a T Rex, he ends up getting fired.