3 Worst Halloween Costumes of 2014

Nothing like a terrible, tacky Halloween costume to ruin a party - and your reputation. Modern Manners Guy has the top 3 worst costume ideas for Halloween 2014.

Richie Frieman
4-minute read
Episode #315

Next week, kids and adults across the U.S. will be dressing up in scary, embarrassing and/or hilarious costumes to celebrate Halloween.

Personally, I love Halloween. Not only because it celebrates my favorite vegetable - candy corn (it counts, Nutrition Diva, it totally counts!) - but because of the unintentionally awkward costumes that some people choose to wear in public..


So before you make a major misstep with your “unique” take on a serious issue (dressing up as a wifebeater in a wifebeater is not cool), check out my top 3 worst Halloween costumes of 2014:

Tip #1: The Tasteless Costume

Nothing rings in the spirit of Halloween better than celebrating a deadly virus that is spreading more and more each day, right?

I’m not even going to name the web site that's currently offering this despicable excuse for a costume, but just know that you can get your very own Ebola hazmat costume, for just under $80. Yes, folks, you read that right – an Ebola costume.

Even my brother, who is one of the most respected virologists in the country, said that this costume is in poor taste - and he gets giddy like a kid in a candy store when a fresh new virus hits the news.  

Not only is the whole concept of this costume despicable, the manufacturer's web site claims that this outfit will be “the most 'viral' costume of the year." Classy. Real classy.  

Here’s what you're saying when you don a tasteless costume like the Ebola hazmat suit:

"I tried to be funny, but instead I turned out to be a complete and utter moron."

It’s one thing to wear a costume that pokes fun at something in the news or pop culture, it's quite another to mock something as horrific as this modern day plague.  This costume even lacks creativity. They took a cheaply-made hazmat suit, added a patch, and charged you $50 more. That’s like buying a pair of thick plastic glasses and a crappy tie for $100 so you can go as Clark Kent.

When you come across an outfit like this in your Halloween costume search, do not click ADD TO CART.

Tip #2: The “Naughty” Anything Costume

The “Guy” part of my Modern Manners Guy moniker may lead you to believe that as a proud member of my gender, I’d be up for anything “naughty” on Halloween. Well, maybe…if I was in college.

But as an adult who is very aware of the internet’s ability to store photos forever, the last thing I want attached to my name is an embarrassing barely-there outfit. I’m not only talking about the Naughty Nurse or the Naughty Schoolgirl. The fellas are just as susceptible to the lure of naughty Halloween costumes. Going as the Naked Cowboy or the Swimmer (wearing nothing but a Speedo and a smile) is just not a good idea for anyone over age 20.