Dining Etiquette 2.0

It's amazing that in this day and age many adults still lack the essential tools for proper dining etiquette. That's why Modern Manners Guy has put together a dining etiquette refresher - so you actually get invited back for another meal.

Richie Frieman
5-minute read
Episode #292

But aside from competitive eating, a meal with friends or colleagues should be about enjoyment. Even if you are a self-described “fast eater,” that doesn’t mean you get a “I’m just me being me” pass.  Sorry pal, you’ll have to slow your roll and pace yourself.

You can still be a proud member of the “Clean Plate Club,” but it’s best to finish your meal at roughly the same time as others at the table.  I’m not saying you have to cut your meat into microscopic pieces and take bites every 5 minutes. I’m simply saying that it's best to take your time so that you can be in the moment with the food and the people around you.  

Tip #3: Be Flexible

We all know someone in our social or professional circle who is absolutely impossible to dine with because they are either a super picky eater, or insist on only going to certain restaurants, or have a snarky opinion about everything. No matter how wonderful this person may be as a friend or coworker, dining with him or her makes you wish you never made plans in the first place. What's worse, their negative attitude spreads to others at the table like a stomach bug. This type of person simply lacks a key social characteristic – flexibility.

Being flexible shows that you can go with the flow, are not bothered or unhinged by little things, and are willing to step out of your comfort zone every so often. I’m not saying that by being flexible you can’t have an opinion or get what you want. You can and you should. However, when you’re flexible, you’re much easier to be around and people appreciate that.

That new sushi place? Sure, let’s try it. The Mexican restaurant doesn’t have the type of sauce you like? Eh, when in Rome...(or rather Mexico). Bob and Joan would like to join your group for lunch today? Sure, the more the merrier. When you are the one who is constantly bullying others into going where you want to go, or bad-mouthing others' choices, it shows a lack of maturity as well as flexibility. No one enjoys the company of someone who complains the entire meal, so don’t. Simply relax, eat, and enjoy the company.

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