Etiquette for Star Wars Fans

Before you embrace the force, make sure you have a good grasp on proper Star Wars etiquette. 

Richie Frieman
6-minute read
Episode #369

It’s been several hours, but I’m still trying to come down from the cinematic high I received from watching Star Wars: The Force Awakens earlier today.  Without spoiling anything—and in case you’ve been absent from all forms of social media —let me just say it was AWESOME! I mean, earth-shattering, everything I dreamed of, I even forgive you for episodes 1-3 awesome! 

Now, even though I’m a card carrying member of Jedi Nation (only improper people go to the Dark Side), I will say that not all of the movie-goers embraced proper Star Wars Etiquette. It seems the excitement caused by the movie, like a child going into hyper-mode while opening their holiday presents, made Star Wars fans to drop their manners at the door. So, before you grab your light saber and put your hair into a Princess Leia bun check out my top three quick and dirty tips for Proper Star Wars Viewing Etiquette.

Tip #1: Study Up, You Must

OK, so I’m a Star Wars geek. That’s right I said it, and I’ll scream it to the high heavens of every galaxy far, far away if you like. I can’t recite each movie word for word but as any proper fan, I know the history of the franchise and the background of the story. This helps when watching The Force Awakens since many key features, characters, and even catch phrases pop up in the new movie (again, not a spoiler).  It’s important to understand those facts before seeing the new Star Wars, since it’s not like any other movie franchise that you can just sit down and get into. I mean, yes you’ll fall in love right away (how can you not?) but even if you haven’t watch every episode beforehand, you should at least get a refresher (be it verbally from a friend or online) before grabbing your popcorn. If you don’t, you'll be like this annoying old man behind me who thought everyone around him was his own personal Star Wars advisor.

In the two hours of pure joy that is Star Wars: The Force Awakens, I heard the following from what I’ll call the “Rudest Star Wars Viewer of All Time”:

  1. “Why are there so many aliens?”

  2. “Where does this take place?”

  3. “Who’s that guy?” (referring to a masked character)

  4. “I can’t understand that robot!” (referring to droids that don’t talk)

  5. “Why are those guys so mad at that girl?”

Now I can’t go into detail since a proper movie goer doesn’t reveal spoilers but let me just say this was insanely rude—for any movie for that matter. It’s not everyone’s job to fill you in on every detail that goes on during a movie, nor is it proper to sit there and bark out every question that pops into your head. Here’s a thought: maybe those answers will come during the movie and not the first ten minutes! Give it time. When watching a movie that you aren’t up to speed about, do not look to those around you as your personal guides. Sure, you can ask questions to a friend next to you very quietly, but don’t spout out every random thought that comes your brain. For starters it’s distracting and secondly, for every second we have to waste informing you, real fans may miss key details of the movie. Save your questions for afterwards or even take notes to follow up. There are thousands of Star Wars forums.