Halloween Manners

Tricks for making Halloween a Treat.

Trent Armstrong
4-minute read
Episode #101

Ghosts and ghouls, costumes and candy, and scaring the heebee jeebees out of your friends and neighbors. It must be the second most wonderful time of the year- Halloween! I'm your Modern Manners Guy and I've got some tips to help keep us all from sucking the blood out of this fun time of year.

What are Appropriate Halloween Costumes?

Much of Halloween revolves around costumes. They can range from silly to terrifying so I would like to offer up some pointers on scary attire.  Little kids are prone to be Transformers, princesses, super heroes, or fluffy ducks, but there comes a time when you'll need to start letting your child pick his or her own costume. And that can become a challenge. A pint-sized and bloody military warrior or a seven-year-old version of Fergie (the one from the Black Eyed Peas, not the dutchess) is not appropriate. Parents and quardians, gently guide your little goblin toward age appropriate costumes. And when headed to a church or school sponsored carnival, make sure the costumes are location appropriate too.

For the more mature costume party, I'll simply recommend that you understand your audience. Gross is good when you are sure it's not going to offend, and sexy is safe if you are among a group of friends. Yes, the rest of the community should realize it's Halloween, but dressing appropriately in public is always on the agenda.

As for political costumes, check your motives down to "jest" and stay away from making rude statements. It's easy to default to being mean so try to be creative and clever.

Trick or Treat Manners

Sadly, not everyone is into having fun, and most of those folks keep their porch lights off on All Hallows Eve. Please respect their wishes. If a house is dark, don't approach it. At the very least, you'll be disturbing someone's evening, but you could also be met with frustration. So if the lights are off, move along.