New Year's Resolution Revolution

Move over outrageous, unattainable New Year's Resolution and bring on the New Year’s Resolution Revolution! Modern Manners Guy's radical proposal for actually achieving your goals in 2014.

Richie Frieman
6-minute read
Episode #277

Last year, I wrote an article called Improper New Year’s Resolutions. It was about how people saddle themselves with incredibly high expectations for the new year, only to feel like failures because they don't follow through.

I for one am a huge proponent for always dreaming bigger, but I am also a realist (which may sound contradictory), so I try to keep feasibility that in mind when I make my New Year’s resolution. After all, each of us is already dealing with daily pressure from work, relationships, health, body image, finances, etc., so why turn up the heat by adding outrageous expecations into the mix?>

I’m not saying you should settle for the status quo. Not at all!, Settling is never the answer. In fact settling will only make you more miserable in the end. But if I’m 5’5, do you think my New Year’s resolution should be to make it onto the roster of the New York Knicks basketball team? NO WAY!  

So I propose a New Year’s Resolution Revolution. 

Let’s not wait until 11:59:59 on December 31st to breath in deep and make a lofty wish. Instead, let’s make a commitment to ourselves right now, that we are going to disregard what others say, stop following trends, and face reality head on. Check out my top 3 quick and dirty tips for a New Year’s Resolution Revolution

Tip #1: You’re Not a Model

Weight loss is consistently one of the top New Year’s resolutions for Americans. I myself have made that wish many times before, usually with someone in mind who I’d like to emulate. Maybe it was someone in a magazine, or a celebrity, that made me think, “Man, I wish I had his abs.” (Yes, ladies, guys do wish for great abs). Sadly, my wish has yet to come true…year, after year, after...sigh…year. But here is the issue – sometimes what you perceive to be perfection is not really what should be your goal.

Think abut how you live your life on a daily basis; your diet, your schedule, your will power. Now, think how much work it takes to have a 6-pack like a swimsuit model. Not quite adding up for you, is it? And that’s fine. It doesn’t always work that way. But you can get great abs if you follow the New Year’s Resolution Revolution.

Instead, tell yourself that even though you want to have a ripped body, you not expecting it to happen by February. Once you take off that pressure, you can start to focus on the small steps you need to take to get there at your own pace, like increasing your workouts each week by a half an hour or adding a new exercise every week to mix things up a bit. My pal Get-Fit Guy has a great episode called 7 Ways to Add Variety to Your Workout.

Don’t focus on the abs only, focus on the training that it takes to get there. I mean, you can’t just have great abs, you need the muscles around your abs to be toned as well. And that means some diet changes. So tell yourself, “Each week, I’m going to eliminate one negative food from my diet.” I’m not saying you go carb-free forever, but maybe cut out that extra slice of pizza now and then.

This way you will gradually attain that abs goal, but within a reasonable outlook and timeframe. What's the point of a far-fetched resolution if you find yourself exasperated in February, saying “Okay, it’s been a month and I don’t look like Brad Pitt (or Jillian Michaels). That’s it, where’s my ice cream?”