Ordering Wine

Some suggestions for ordering wine when you dine.

Adam Lowe
2-minute read
Episode #34

If you have ordered the wine, the bottle will be brought to you for inspection, so that you can confirm that it is the bottle you actually ordered. Indicate your approval to the sommelier or server, and indicate if you would like someone other than yourself to do the tasting. The cork will be removed (sometimes this is done away from the table) and brought to you for inspection. You should look at it to be certain that it is intact and not dried out, but it is not necessary to smell it. A small amount of wine will be poured into your glass. Give the wine a quick swirl and visual inspection, sniff the bouquet and most importantly taste the wine.

If the wine meets your approval, the other guests will have their glasses filled first, and your glass last. If the wine tastes like it is off, tell the sommelier or server (you may want to invite him to confirm your opinion). Don’t feel awkward about questioning a wine or sending it back—the purpose of tasting the wine is to be certain that it is good to drink. If the wine is to your liking, then raise your glass to your dining companions, look them in the eyes, and enjoy your meal.

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