A Short Primer on School Manners

Modern Manners Guy's quick tips for making a good impression in this school year.

Richie Frieman
2-minute read

A Short Primer on School Manners


I've discussed back to school manners for students before. And since we're right in the middle of back-to-school time, here's a short refresher course on making a good impression at school:

  • Open the door for others—especially if someone appears to be having a difficult time managing a stack of books or something else.

  • If someone drops something, don't clap and point. Help them pick their stuff up and use the incident as an opportunity to bond. "Hey, remember when you dropped your Life Cycle of a Chicken science project in the school lobby and I helped you pick it up? I got so many phone numbers from girls that day, I have a date every Saturday night for the next three years!"

  • Don't touch someone else's stuff unless you ask and they agree. 

  • Cell phones are probably off limits anyway, but keep in mind that texting and tweeting on your phone during class is disrespectful to your teachers. You might also think about putting away your phone when your BFF is trying to actually talk to you.

  • Treat your teachers with respect. You might not need to call them "ma'am" and "sir," but you should at least address them with "yes" instead of "yeah" or "what?" Your teacher has enough to deal with in trying to teach you and your classmates how to do long division without you aggravating him. The bonus in the situation is that even the most grumpy instructor will probably notice your efforts and treat you with respect (and kind grades) as well.

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