The Jerk of the Year...And It's Only February!

Usually I wait until the end of the year to award The Jerk of the Year trophy. But this year, I'll make an exception. Drum roll please... 

Richie Frieman
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It’s only February, but The Jerk of the Year trophy has already been awarded.

Joining past winners Justin Bieber, Lindsay Lohan, and Charlie Sheen is this year's "winner" - Kanye West!

Usually I like to wait until the end of the year to grant this honor, but thanks to Kanye’s recent stunt at the Grammy’s, it’s hard to say there is a more deserving candidate.

In case you missed it, this past Sunday, during the Grammy award for Album of the Year to mega-talented artist Beck, Kanye hopped on stage to steal his moment and make a "statement."

Feeling a bit of deja vu?

Sadly, no. That's because this is Kanye's second time pulling this move, having rudely interrupted Taylor Swift’s win a few years back. 

This is the epitome of what it means to be an enormous megalomaniac with no respect for others. Don't get me wrong, you can disagree with who wins a Grammy, but it's a whole other thing to grab the spotlight during somene else's moment to ensure that the world feels your wrath. 

Believing Beyoncé should have won (what's with him and Beyonce?), he jumped onstage as if to express his disapproval. Then, showing an "incredible" degree willpower, he stopped short of verbally expressing his anger, then turned to the crowd and walked off. 

Meanwhile, Beck, an amazing artist whose resume spans 20 years, with over a dozen Grammy nominations and more than a half a dozen wins, had his special moment overshadowed by a hooligan who believes that he and other artists are mistreated by the music industry.  

Yes, folks, that’s right, Kanye West, a multimillionaire, multi-platinum selling, multi-Grammy winner, reality show star, and someone who has been invited to perform many times at the Grammy’s feels shafted by the establishment. 


The fact is that artists cannot ask to be nominated for, or awarded, a Grammy. They are selected by the Grammy members. I don't recall Kanye complaining when he won his 21 Grammys (yeah, that's right).  

Bottom line, it’s rude to try and make a scene to destroy someone else’s glory, simply because you don’t agree with it. He lost the tiny glimmer of credibility he had left by storming that stage (for the second time). He could have tweeted his disapproval to the bazillion followers he and his wife have, or discussed it during interviews afterwards. Both of these would have made an impact and both would have been better choices than his outburst.

To Beck’s credit, he was civil about the incident, even calling Kanye a genius. That’s a class act.

I'll never understand a celebrity's belief that because they're rich and famous, they can do whatever they want. It goes without saying that Kanye is a successful artist, but that does not grant him carte blanche to throw a tantrum whenever things don't go his way, like a toddler.

It's amazing that Kanye has now managed to become even more of a public humiliation than his wife. Now that deserves an award!  

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Kanye West image courtesy of s_bukley/Shutterstock.com.