Top 3 Rules for Good Facebook Manners

How to be polite over Internet 2.0.

Richie Frieman,
December 2, 2011

Internet manners are becoming especially important these days as more and more of us are living life online. So here are 3 tips to make sure that you're never un-friended: 

  1. Photos should be carefully considered before being posted. Uploading pictures of your friend doing silly things at a wild party can be the difference between them getting the job and them still living with their parents. A cell phone snapshot of an accidental meeting between a guy and a girl could cause unrest in a relationship. Anything other than the innocent pic should be approved by the person who is in it. If you're not sure, play it safe and get the approval anyway. This is especially important when posting photos of other people's children. And if your request is denied, don't be offended. Just move on to the next photo. I'm sure you have plenty.

  2. If you get a Friend request from someone and are not sure who they are or you were not really friends with them before this, it is perfectly fine for you to ignore that request. And if your Friend request is ignored, understand that it's just part of being on Facebook. We have a tendency to get offended when something like that happens, but it's good practice in any situation to give the benefit of the doubt to someone. Don't take offense. Don't get angry. Move on and enjoy connecting with the other friends you do have.

  3. Should you be in the situation where you need to un-friend someone, I give you permission to do so. Facebook is a social networking site, and your social life should not cause you to feel uncomfortable. Click that delete button with confidence knowing it was put there for a reason.

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