How to Find Your Life Purpose

Learn how to find your life purpose by honing in on your personal North Star.

Stever Robbins
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Episode #115

Brainstorm Your Peeps

Your North Star may be less about what you do, and more about whom you’re with.

If your activities and dreams aren’t helping you find your next direction, look to your people. Who puts you down, makes you feel small, and fills you with despair? Avoid those people. Who nurtures you? Who makes you feel good, confident, and more like your heroic self without the secret hypnotic drugs you sneak into their coffee?

If the people who put you down are the members of your bridge club, stop playing bridge. Or throw them over a bridge. Either way, remove them from your life.

When you find the people who make you feel the best, notice if there’s any pattern to where you spend time together. If you’re doing certain activities together, like hiking or playing board games or knitting exciting underwear, spend more time in those places, doing those activities. Hmm… I like to make friends with the entertainers on cruise ships. I’m just sayin’.

Your North Star may be less about what you do, and more about whom you’re with.

Experiment and Explore!

It can take time to find your North Star. Maybe you’ve never done the thing you should do next. If becoming a ski instructor would be a perfect fit, but you’ve never seen snow, it won’t be high on your list. Get out there and try new stuff. If it seems scary and unfamiliar, give it a shot. You never know where porcupine breeding might take you. If you don’t like it, don’t do it again.

The way you’ll find out is to listen to your body to know what is and isn’t right for you. Use your knowing to review your activities, your dreams, and the people in your life, to hone in the kinds of things you can do next to find fun, happiness, and fulfillment.

Work Less, Do More, and have a Great Life!


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