How to Stick to a Weight Loss Plan

Get tips for sticking to a commitment to lose weight.

Stever Robbins
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Episode #113

We all have our fantasy weight. Now that it's holiday season, we all weigh about twice that. But when we hit our fantasy weight—so our story goes—we will suddenly be a chick-or-dude magnet. Life will be wonderful. We'll get a raise at work, our house will be spotless, and we'll own a beautiful white shag carpet that never shows wine stains. But reaching that weight isn't easy. Eren wrote in frustrated that he's a giant dumpling instead of a Greek God!

How to Stick to a Weight Loss Plan

Eren, I empathize with your dumplingness. I've never thought of myself as a dumpling, but I was shaped like an avocado for a while. We know what to do: eat fewer calories and be more active. Unfortunately, knowing and doing are two different things. We all know we need more commitment, but we so prefer convenience. Getting up every day and traipsing to the gym means stepping outside (it's a cold, cruel world out there), moving muscles, and saddest of all, abandoning our two-pound bag of M&Ms (that's 1kg for non-Americans).

Weight Loss Tip #1: Exercise with a Friend

One way to get yourself going is to find a friend to work out with. Even though neither of you would ever get up on your own to exercise, together you can guilt trip each other into doing those daily pull-ups. Exercise together if possible; having someone else there makes it a lot more fun. That's one reason I use trainer Tyler. Listening to his Hollywood exploits is always entertaining as he's forcing me to do unspeakable acts with free weights. I just keep waiting for him to show up with a new piercing, which he'll discover after waking up in an unfamiliar Las Vegas honeymoon suite. If you and your friend want to do pull-ups or free weights from home, call each other on a speaker phone and challenge each other to see who can do more, better, faster. Just make sure to learn and use proper technique. Using bad form is a lot more effort and you don't get good results as quickly.


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