5 Awesome New Features of Windows 8

Microsoft’s recent release of Windows 8 caused an uproar in the tech world. Tech Talker wades through the hype and outlines the 5 best features of the new Windows 8 operating system.

Eric Escobar
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A few weeks ago, Microsoft released a super-hyped operating system called Windows 8. This operating system has a completely redesigned look and feel, and has so far met with pretty positive reviews. Users and reviewers have complemented it’s faster and friendlier interface. But what’s the big deal about Windows 8 really? Well, in today’s podcast, I will go over 5 new features of Windows 8 that separate it from its predecessors..


Feature #1: Storage Spaces

The first of the features that was introduced in this version of Windows is called Storage Spaces. Basically this feature allows you to add hard drives into a single “pool.” So instead of you seeing a bunch of separate internal, external, and USB drives on your screen, you can add all your storage areas into one large pool that will appear as one drive! This goes back to my podcast on how to store large amounts of data.Before this innovation, there wasn’t one great option for storing your various drives. But if Storage Spaces lives up to the hype, it could be an amazing new way to store digital data.

The impressive part isn’t simply Windows 8’s ability to treat multiple hard drives as one large one, but rather that you can set up the pool in such a way that one, or even two, of your drives can fail and all your data will still be intact. This gives your digital files resiliency to survive drive failure. And if you’re someone who doesn’t back up your data as much as you should, it could definitely save you in a pinch. Just keep in mind that even if you utilize this innovation, you should still keep an off-site back up, just in case.

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If you are familiar with RAID, Storage Spaces acts as a sort of software RAID. It will definitely not have the read and write speed of RAID, but it’s a pretty simple solution that a home user can set up without a sophisticated technological background.

Lastly, if your computer kicks the bucket from something like a motherboard failure, all you need to do to revive the pool is to plug in your drives into another Windows 8 computer and voila – any other copy of Windows 8 will allow you to rebuild! How neat is that?

Feature #2: Refresh and Reset

Next on our tour of awesome new features in Windows 8 is Refresh and Reset. I lumped these guys into one group because they perform a similar function.

Refresh will set defaults on all of your system settings so that you can clear any system or registry errors that a program install may have caused. This would be a great way to wipe a virus from a computer pretty quickly.

Reset is similar, only it will basically do a complete reinstall of your version of Windows 8 to be like the day you bought it. This is great if at some point you want to give your computer away or sell it, but want to remove all traces of your data while still keeping the computer operational.

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