How to Handle Yourself Politely in a Conflict

Get tips on how to argue with class.

Trent Armstrong
4-minute read
Episode #96

There are certain things that you should do as follow-up.  Think back to what was said to you and make sure there isn't any truth in it. Just because it was a buffoon who made the comment doesn't mean it was unfounded. Examine yourself and your ideas so you become a better person.

Secondly, do not speak ill of the jerk who yelled at you. Keep your criticisms to yourself and let his or her actions speak to their own fatheadedness.

Manners for The Hapless Parent

What if you're the hapless parent who's been caught in public with a child who is having a meltdown? Someone fussing at you and badmouthing your precious baby is going to heighten your anxiety and will probably give you a Texas-sized dose of anger.

Please do not retaliate. You lashing out at this stranger is the last thing anyone needs to see. Just because the other person has been disrespectful doesn't mean you should be too.

This situation happens at little league games all the time. Competitive parents lose their cool and can start a yelling match at the drop of a fly ball. Again, if someone begins yelling at you in any situation don't retaliate. And certainly do not let the situation devolve into each of you swinging your fists at each other's faces. Self defense is appropriate but striking anyone out of anger is a show of weakness and immaturity.

Manners of Defending Others

Now it's time to address our last situation. You're just sitting there minding your own business when you suddenly feel like someone has gotten recognition for something, and you completely disagree! The feeling that someone has been disrespected can develop into strong emotions and can cause someone to do something that might be embarrassing for everyone.