How to Use Cold Weather to Lose Weight

Can exercising in cold weather help you burn more calories and lose weight? Find out.

Ben Greenfield
Episode #084

Have you ever heard that drinking cold water can help you lose weight? This is a popular weight loss theory that Nutrition Diva explores (and explodes) in her book How to Win at Losing. This idea has had many weight loss enthusiasts chugging glasses of icy cold water through the day, getting frequent and uncomfortable brain freezes, and then throwing their hands up in despair when the pounds don’t melt off as promised.

But in reality, although it goes far beyond simply sipping a cool beverage, there actually is some valid scientific evidence that exposure to cold temperatures can help you to lose weight. In this article, you’ll find out if exercising in cold weather helps you burn more calories and if cold temperature exposure helps with fat loss.>

How Body Temperature Works

On a TEDTalk video in 2010, NASA materials engineer Ray Cronise discussed how to lose weight by exposing the body to cold temperatures. Later, I hosted Ray and author Tim Ferriss on a podcast to discuss How to Manipulate Your Body Temperature to Burn More Fat.


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Ben Greenfield
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