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Episode How May 11, 2021 How to Get Rid of Shin Splints
Episode How May 4, 2021 How Long Should You Recover Between Sets?
Blog post April 29, 2021 Video: Upper-Body Only Cardio
Episode Play April 27, 2021 Why Play Is the Answer if You Hate to Exercise
Episode How April 20, 2021 How to Build Balance and Strength with a BOSU
Blog post April 15, 2021 Video: How to Use a Stationary Bike for Active Recovery
Episode How April 13, 2021 How Should Skinny People Exercise?
Episode Why April 6, 2021 Why You Shouldn't Train Like a Pro
Episode Range March 30, 2021 Range of Motion: Why You Need to Use It or Lose It
Episode The March 23, 2021 The Best Jump Rope Workouts for Beginners and Experts
Episode Can March 16, 2021 Can You Get Fit in Virtual Reality?
Episode 525 March 9, 2021 How Micro Workouts Can Help You be More Active
Blog post March 4, 2021 Video: Combining Cardio, Sprints and Strength
Episode 524 March 2, 2021 Why Crawling Is an Amazing Whole-Body Workout
Episode 523 February 23, 2021 Why Consistency Is Fitness Magic (and It's Easier Than You Think)
Blog post February 18, 2021 Video: Get Strong Biceps with Full- and Half-Bicep Curls
Episode 522 February 16, 2021 Four Simple Criteria That Will Keep You Fit
Episode 521 February 9, 2021 Can Monitoring Your Blood Sugar Help Improve Your Workouts?
Blog post February 4, 2021 Video: Tree Assisted Squats
Episode 520 February 2, 2021 5 Ways to Use a Weighted Vest
Episode 519 January 26, 2021 Exercise and Your Immune System: Interview with Dr. Jake Deutsch
Blog post January 21, 2021 Video: How to Have Fun on All Fours with Crawling Exercises
Episode 518 January 19, 2021 How to Build Your Own Virtual Workout for You and Your Friends
Episode 517 January 12, 2021 Why You Need an Exercise Ball
Blog post January 8, 2021 Video: 10 Push-Up Variations